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As you might know, we bought a house last December!

the first house

the first house

The home purchasing process was much more emotionally taxing than I had anticipated. We got very attached to the first house we were in escrow on, but it was a serious fixer upper that we eventually got priced out of repairing. It still has a piece of my heart though.

The second offer we made was on a house that was in great condition, had so much potential, but the real draw was the land it was on. Just about two acres of beautiful, flat land that would have allowed for every project on our list. Sadly, an all cash offer won... shocker. 

That brings me to our third and final offer! Third time's the charm? It's the cutest ranch style house and is centrally located in precious Lodi. Built in the early 60's, this house is functional but, when we bought it, had not been updated by any means.

So we've landed in this great middle ground of not necessarily needing to do a ton of work but wanting to make some serious upgrades. We started with painting all the walls, which I mentioned here, replacing all the floors, and then tackling the kitchen. 

Before I get into all of that, I thought I'd share the before photos I have!

Stay tuned for our afters!

Did you go through multiple offers when buying your home? Are you drawn to turn-keys,  fixer uppers, or something in between?

xx Katie

P.S. These photos are straight from the listing that we saw online! You're seeing what we saw :)

front porch


dining room

living room


laundry room




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