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This past spring I found myself craving a traditional reward system, some recommended/required reading, and general learning. So this summer I took a psychology course through my local community college!

In the course work that went with the chapter covering personality, there was a rather fun assignment to take a personality quiz called 16 Personalities

I'm obsessed. 

The Best

I not only loved my results and resonated with them completely, but I also ended up sending the quiz to almost all of my friends and family. It was so much fun to compare notes and personality nuances. The results also go into the impact your personality has on relationships, friendships, career, and more!

So, please, go take the quiz and let me know what you get!

Are you a fan of any other enlightening personality quizzes?

xx Katie

P.S. here are my results: 

Personality type: “The Executive” (ESTJ-T)
Individual traits: Extraverted – 73%, Observant – 66%, Thinking – 54%, Judging – 77%, Turbulent – 59%
Role: Sentinel
Strategy: Social Engagement


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