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First Day of Fall | katiekubitz.com

Happy first day of fall, the best season of them all!

As is basic and cliché beyond everything, I am so looking forward to visiting Apple Hill this year for some pie and cider donuts! Also on the list:

  • Re-read Pride and Prejudice
  • See more live music - already have City and Colour and The Zac Brown Band on the books
  • Have our chimney swept so that we can have wood burning fires. Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chim cher-ee! Speaking of Mary Poppins, have you seen Emily Blunt in the teaser!? Is it too soon to be excited for Christmas 2018??
  • Finish a half marathon

What are you up to this season?

xx Katie

P.S. running update:

  • Date: September 21, 2017
  • Distance: 5.07 miles
  • Time: 59 minutes
  • Observations:
    • I got new socks, which has made a huge improvement in the blister situation.
    • Today I only walked about 0.5 miles across the full 5.
    • I'm focusing on landing mid-foot and maintaining more of a shuffle run than a long stride. It's paying off in that it saves my calves for a bit longer and keeps my pace pretty consistent.
    • I've started foam rolling after my runs. It hurts like crazy especially along my IT bands, but I'm waking up less sore. Win!
First Day of Fall | katiekubitz.com
First Day of Fall | katiekubitz.com

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