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Dear Friend,

The Stockmarket was beyond words.

I had the best time prepping, setting up, meeting the other vendors, chatting with the patrons, selling my calligraphy, and basically sweating my face off all day. It couldn't have been better.

The things though that put the day over the top for me were the friends.

My dear friend Hannah gave me her whole day and was the most selfless support I could have asked for. She helped me run errands, build shelves, pack and unpack the car, and really she is what got me through the day. Thank you thank you for your consistent and unwavering friendship!

And the new friends! I was lucky enough to have my little space set up across the way from Jenny of Hip to the Jive, a fabulous vintage boutique. Jenny and her lovely friend Elizabeth were a breath of fresh air and were styled to perfection. Jenny and I have since met up for coffee to share notes on life, love, and business. Here's to blossoming new friendships with local entrepreneurs!

Overall, one of the best weekends so far this year and I am anxiously counting down the days until the Stockmarket's return on July 18!

Are you a local maker interested in being a part of the next Stockmarket? Sign up here!

xx Katie

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