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Dear Portland

Dear Portland | lovely letters
Dear Portland | lovely letters


Dear Portland,

Thank you so very much for the most relaxing and restorative weekend I've had in the longest time. While I anticipated jam packing every moment with hip local shops and overwhelming amounts of donuts and coffee, I spent most of the weekend in bed talking to my best friend.

This sounds ridiculous. You might ask, "Katie, why would you deal with that nine-hour plane process (shocking! there were flight delays at SFO!?), just to lounge for a day and a half?" Let me tell you it was so worth it!

When I get together with any close friend, particularly my best friend, the conversation is never-ending. I can talk about anything and everything to an absurd amount of detail. I love to pick things apart and get other perspectives. I love to listen and give input. I love to laugh at stories and tease out hypothetical futures. I would be a great candidate for therapy because I have a hard time not talking about things.

Friendship and the talking that comes with it are healing for me. Talking like this makes me realize that my life isn't as hard as I thought it was and that my close friends are dealing with the same issues I am. My friends ground me when we talk. They bring me back to myself and help show me who I want to be. I walk away refreshed and ready to tackle things one at a time as they come.

Plus after all the talking we went dancing. So not only was my stress level lowered, but I burned a ton of calories. All-in-all, Portland, you were a heart healthy weekend.

Are you a talker or a listener? Do you find that real conversation helps you gain perspective? 

xx Katie