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Dear October


{last year's pumpkin}

Dear October,

I have been waiting for you for SO long. I'm so thrilled you're here. I'm just going to dive right in because there are so so many good things coming.

October 1: Netflix releases all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls (I'll be shocked if I get to any of the other activities because of this).

October 5: The Alameda flea market is back in town and this time if there is a desk-sized letterpress, I will be purchasing it.

October 12: incredible brunch plans.

October 15: my biggest move EVER! (more details to come)

October 25: an engagement party ten years in the making. Ten years!!

October 31: the biggest day of the month. Halloween (there are few things I love more than dressing up), the two year anniversary of meeting my leading man, the due date for a HUGE project at work, and last but not least... the day before I leave for Costa Rica!

Do you have any big plans for October? Slash any Halloween costume ideas?

xx Katie