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Wave after wave


{image by Chris Goldberg}

Dear Friend,

I'm one of those people who finds something they like and then I just keep that one thing on repeat until I can't take it anymore. Examples:


  • Grilled cheese. -- After seeing the movie Chef in theaters twice, I got pretty heavily involved in grilled cheese. If you haven't seen the movie, there is one scene where Jon Favreau's character (the chef) makes this beautiful, decadent grilled cheese sandwich for his son. Obviously I went straight home, bought some of the real cheese from the market, and had grilled cheese sandwiches almost every night for far too long. Gave that one up more for the inevitable weight gain than for a change of heart about melted cheese. I'm fairly certain melted cheese will never lose its appeal.


  • Sex and the City. -- When I moved to San Francisco right after graduation, I lived by myself for the first time ever. On the one hand I had all the freedom in the world, on the other I was so lonely I started talking to myself. Then I started making money because of my first real job, which obviously led to spending money. One of my first purchases was the complete collection of the Sex and the City seasons, which comes in a subtle pink velvet binder. I was thrilled. I also bought the movie because I would need the complete story from beginning to end. (Please note that I don't consider the second movie part of the story because I was so utterly let down). So I would come home from work, hear myself start talking out loud to no one, and then put in Sex and the City. This became a substantial routine. So much so that I really did feel like Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha were my friends and I can very confidently say that I watched all seasons + the movie in order, on loop probably six or seven times IN A ROW. Shocking. Regardless, I will never not enjoy Sex and the City but I don't think I'll be reaching for that pink velvet binder of my own volition for quite a while.
  • Music. -- I think most people can relate to this one. You hear a great song. You fall in love. It's perfect and maybe the lyrics even capture something really relevant to your life at that moment so then the song becomes so much about you that it's fairly obvious that the artist wrote it for you. At this point, I've usually heard whatever song a handful of times in different circumstances so I know at least the chorus. Then Google comes into the picture because this song needs to be put at the top of every playlist I make. I google the chorus lyrics that I know, I find the name of the song, I add it to my current playlist on Spotify and then hit the repeat button so that even though it's in a playlist this one song is the only one that plays. All day at work, this one song plays on endless loop. This lasts roughly two weeks. Then I just can't take it anymore. NO MORE OF THE ONE SONG! And yet every time I find a new song that I love, this is the process I jump into, which inevitably leads to the cringe feeling but hey, now I know ALL of the lyrics and those things are kept in my mind forever. FOREVER. You should know that I have zero memory. I tend to forget everything - everything, except song lyrics and I think it's because of this process.


So with all of that being said, my new song is Waves by Mr. Probz (I'm embarrassed to write down this artist's name, but it is what it is). These lyrics really have nothing to do with anything in my life right now. I don't feel like I'm drowning. I'm not pulling against the stream. I'm very easy to love (ok maybe that's a stretch), but really all nothing to relate to except.... waves. This song repeats the lyric "wave after wave" so so much but in a very calming way. It sounds like water and mimics waves endlessly crashing against the shore. Also, sooner rather than later, I will be off to Costa Rica where there will be waves and water everywhere so that's ideal.

What's on repeat in your life?

xx Katie