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Long Flight Lounging

long flight lounging

Dear Auckland,

I am so ready to see you again!! Unfortunately, an awfully long flight must happen first. In mental preparation for the flight I am visualizing. Visualizing my comfortable clothes. Visualizing a well packed carry-on. Visualizing 13 straight hours of sleep. Here's hoping!

My absolute "musts" for any long flight include:

  • A huge sweater that might as well be a blanket. Anytime blankets are disguised as clothes I buy them. What a great concept.
  • A similarly large t-shirt. Something about pressurized, re-circulated air and serious altitude makes me swell so I can't handle anything fitted.
  • To completely contradict my last statement.... leggings. I am going to argue that the amount of stretch in these bad boys allows for the most extreme swelling and as such they are less "fitted" and are more "you'd-never-know-you-were-even-wearing-pants."
  • TOMS, obviously.
  • Flashy headphones that not only look great but also have great sound quality.
  • Glasses because no one wants to deal with contacts for 13 hours in re-circulated air.
  • And a stylish yet practical carry-all organized/jam-packed with magazines, a travel wallet filled with all necessary documents, a water bottle, and whatever electronics make sense.

For as much as I'm setting myself up for optimal comfort and sleep potential, more likely than not I'll be so excited to have my own tv complete with new releases that it won't even occur to me to nod off. Sorry in advance for what ever mood I'm in when I get there. See you soon!

Do you have any long flight life savers that I should invest in? 

xx Katie