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Hey Friend,

Do you ever have days where you are just floating? When everything feels right and the sun is shining even if it actually isn't?

I've been having that kind of day/week/what feels like months and months. Life is a cakewalk right now. I don't mean that things are necessarily easy right now, but more so that things aren't getting me down. Even when things at work are tense, I have been ending all of my days beaming.  I think this goes a step beyond just being happy. I'm overjoyed.

It's all I can do to not hug people on the street. I've found that smiles go over better as far as social norms for greeting strangers go, but you know what I mean. The joy is just bursting out of me and I want to give it to everyone around me.

Anyways, I hope that I give a little bit of my joy to you today. Plus it's Friday so you're bound to be smiling regardless.

What's making you happy recently? Have any fun weekend plans?

Until next time, Katie