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My name is Katie Kubitz and I'm almost constantly in a state of searching. In this space, I'll be documenting what I find and offering up some of my point of view. 

My husband and I live in Lodi, California after a 5 year stint in San Francisco. We are slowing way down out in the country and are loving the space and beverages this little wine region has to offer. By slowing down, I of course mean he has started a catering company, I'm commuting weekly to the Bay Area for my consulting day job in biotech, and all the while we're remodeling our new home. We are clearly a long way from slow but hope that this move is a step in the right direction.  

I dream of farmhouses, chicken coops, paper goods, endless food, deep conversations, and world travel. 

Please poke around this little space and send me a note if you have any calligraphy needs or general wonderings. 

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Katie Kubitz